Bruckner De Villers Primary

General Information


Hectorstreet, Idasvalley, Stellenbosch, 7600


021 886 6329




When founded:

31 July 1968

How many learners attend school:

School was built for 700 learners, but this number grow to 1200 over the years.

Best achievements:

  • Boy’s under 13 as runners up for dream field’s competition. 
  • Girls under 13 girl’s winner’s dreamiest completion and also WOW competition in 2012.
  • Inclusion of girl 10 years in Boland Western Cape athletics teams

Additional Info:

The school was established in Idasvalley due to the forced removal of coloured people out of the centre of Stellenbosch. In the late 90's the number of school learners started declining due to a lot of factors such as gang fights and the opening of ex Model C schools.


Stellenbosch Primary Schools Cup

Teams entered in 2013:

Boys u/10

Boys u/12

Girls u/13

Boys u/14

Final Position:

First Round First Round   Quarter Final Quarter Final 


"Satisfactory a pity we could not go futher in competion."

(A. Hortogh, Bruckner de Villiers)